About Palia Planner

Palia Planner is your go-to task management tool tailored specifically for the immersive world of Palia. As an avid player and software developer, I realized the challenges of managing in-game tasks, farming routines, and keeping track of countless Palia items and Palia recipes. Traditional methods felt outdated, leading to the creation of Palia Planner: your digital companion for organized gameplay.

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Features of Palia Planner

Comprehensive Task Management

Organize your Palia tasks with ease. From farming to crafting, every activity is just a click away.

In-game Item and Recipe Database

Access an extensive database of Palia items and recipes. Plan, prioritize, and perfect your in-game routines.

Intuitive Interface

Experience seamless integration between Palia Planner and your gameplay. Navigate effortlessly and boost your efficiency.

Device-based Data Storage

With data stored directly in your browser, enjoy a personalized experience without compromising on privacy.

Regular Updates

Benefit from consistent updates that reflect the evolving world of Palia.

Feedback & Support

Your feedback drives me. For any suggestions, questions, or support, reach out via Discord .


Special thanks to everyone on gaming.tools's discord who helped, motivated and supported me. Feel free to check out their tools, listed at the bottom of the page.

Developed using Nuxt.js and tailwindcss. All rights related to Palia are reserved by Singularity 6. Palia Planner is an independent, fan-made tool.